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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Why new courts?

    A.  Last season we saw an incredible increase in the number of players, which we all expected.            However, this coming season we expect a bit of an explosion... new people are coming in              record number (as seen by daily passes) and the Canadians will return, hopefully.

   B. We would like to offer educational programs (beginner classes, skill development clinics) and         we would like to offer more camps and advanced training. At the same time we want to                minimize the open play on courts 1-16.

    C.  In order to attract premier tournaments 24 courts are the minimum number these days.                  And even that number may not be able to compete in Florida.  [OK, so that doesn't sound            positive]


2.  What is the 5-year plan for the Plex, as seen by the Board?

    A.  The long-term plan includes the new 8 courts as well as a building that will house the pro               shop, permanent bathrooms, and a concession with outdoor shaded seating.

    B.  Beyond that, we plan to cover the new 8 courts so protect players from the sun and rain.

    C.  A very long-term plan.......


3.  Do you plan to eliminate the membership model after covid when the former model could           cover maintenance/repair costs?

    A.  Not likely, but the Board will review this each year.  Currently the membership and drop-in             model covers most of the day-to-day costs.  Tournaments add to this, but could help to                   contribute towards improvements and some contributions to future expansions.  


4.  What is the dollar breakdown ie; maintenance, new projects, programs?

5.  Can I donate for specific projects?

6.  Does the donation have to be one large sum or can it be made on a regular repetitive basis?

7.  What programs are supported by fundraising?

8.  Are donations tax deductible?

9.  What percent of donations go towards administrative costs?

10.  Can I earmark my donation for something specific? (see #5)

11. Can I set up repeated donations? (see #6)

12.  What methods can I use to make donations? (check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, etc

13.  Do you need or accept material donations?

14.  What are your other sources of funds besides private donations?

15.  How many new members at current rates will be needed to pay for new ongoing costs of new        courts and any ancillary building/infrastructure?

16.  The pie charts show outstanding loans (33 % of annual costs)  relating to the existing courts.          What is the rationale/thinking for expanding now, when there is  still debt on the exiting                  venue? 

17.  Do you have an established process/assistance  for anyone that would like to provide funds in        their estate planning for the ongoing costs of operation?

18.   Are you seeking any grants or local funding  that may be available for the expansion?

19.  Have you considered the impact of the 8 new community courts coming online soon and in            close proximity to the Plex?

20. Have you had any recent merger discussions with the Peace River Picklers?  Both                             organizations have similar vision and goals and combining forces may help in                                   any fundraising initiative 

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